Tired! :(

It has been a tiring day and a tiring week
since the school reopens.

I am really really exhausted and I hope
there is something that can holds me and guides me.

Is not hard to get good results or to study,
the main problem is you need to put EFFORT.

That is the weakness for all the students in this world.
What can I do in order to get good results?

Of course i need to be hardworking.
Hardworking, I LOVE YOU!

But stilll I believe that God will protect me
and lead my way in his own will.

Love God.

Baptism day

From today onwards, i am a NEW nicole.

Everything is not going to be the same for
God will definitely be with me, he will never leave me.

I know i am weak, i am not strong enough to face things
but my God will lead me and help me whenever i need him.
Our God is an awesome God!

Though in our lives, we will be facing many problems
but through him everything will be solved. :)

I am 8 hours old! :D i am a BABY! :)
Congratulation to my brother norman for being a baby too
and of course my beloved friends Amanda and Ivy! :D


Today is a BID DAY and meaningful day to FF.

Wheeeehooo~ Amanda Leong's birthday!

Though we only know each other for 1 and 8 months,
but i thank God that i am given a chance to know you.

I hope God will continue to bless you and provide you wisdom
so that you will do everything in His will but not your own will.

You are an awesome friend, you always care for us a lot.
I love you and FF loves you. Happy sixteen birthday! :)

Recently i added many cousins in facebook.

My cousins in Ayer Tawar, though we don't really know
each other but i am glad that we can talk to each other in fb.

Amanda's birthday is coming soon, how to celebrate?
I don't know yet. Many many things are coming soon and
i've just released one of my stress this morning!

Hope to have a wonderful christmas eve and christmas luncheon.
Not to forget, YOUTH CAMP!


Grandfather's sister birthday -
19 December, time to be confirmed (Sitiawan, Perak)

Christmas Eve Party -
24th Decemeber, 5.30pm till 10.30pm ( MJYF Youth Centre)

Christmas Luncheon -
25th December, 10 am till 2pm (somewhere near church)

Youth Camp -
28th December till 31st December (STM, Seremban)

Well, those are all the BIG BIG events that i am going to attend.
Do ask me about the details if you want to know more about it.
Really need to start preparing for the party with all my heart.
I hope the christmas eve party and youth camp could bring out
different things and experiences for all who are participating!

Insight into Decision Making:

A group of children were playing near two railway tracks, one still in use while the other disused.

Only one child played on the disused track, the rest on the operational track.

The train is coming, and you are just beside the track interchange.

You can make the train change its course to the disused track and save most of the kids.

However, that would also mean the lone child playing by the disused track would be sacrificed.

Or would you rather let the train go its way?

Let's take a pause to think what kind of decision we could make................

Scroll down

Most people might choose to divert the course of the train, and sacrifice only one child.

You might think the same way, I guess.

Exactly, to save most of the children at the expense of only one child was rational decision most people would make, morally and emotionally.

But, have you ever thought that the child choosing to play on the disused track had in fact made the right decision to play at a safe place?

Nevertheless, he had to be sacrificed because of his ignorant friends who chose to play where the danger was.

This kind of dilemma happens around us everyday.
In the office, community, in politics and especially in a democratic society, the minority is often sacrificed for the interest of the majority, no matter how foolish or ignorant the majority are, and how farsighted and knowledgeable the minority are. The child who chose not to play with the rest on the operational track was sidelined.

And in the case he was sacrificed, no one would shed a tear for him.

The great critic Leo Velski Julian who told the story said he would not try to change the course of the train because he believed that the kids playing on the operational track should have known very well that track was still in use, and that they should have run away if they heard the train's sirens..

If the train was diverted, that lone child would definitely die because he never thought the train could come over to that track! Moreover, that track was not in use probably because it was not safe.

If the train was diverted to the track, we could put the lives of all passengers on board at stake!

And in your attempt to save a few kids by sacrificing one child, you might end up sacrificing hundreds of people to save these few kids.

While we are all aware that life is full of tough decisions that need to be made, we may not realize that hasty decisions may not always be the right one.

'Remember that what's right isn't always popular... and what's popular isn't always right.'

Everybody makes mistakes; that's why they put erasers on pencils.

it's up to the one, you!

One song can spark a moment
One flower can wake the dream
One tree can start a forest
One bird can herald spring

One smile begins the friendship
One handclap lifts a soul
One star can guide a ship at sea
One word can frame the goal

One vote can change the nation
One sunbeam lights a room
One candle wipes out darkness
One laugh will conquer gloom

One step start each journey
One word must start each prayer
One hope will raise our spirits
One touch will show you care

One voice can speak with wisdom
One heart can know what's true
One life can make the difference
You see, it's up to the one, you!

My birthday celebration 3

Today is 29 November 2009 and still, it is a memorable day.
Before i start posting this post, i will like to advise all of you that
we shouldn't be so easily angered especially guys.
Do wish people happy birthday when it is their birthday. :)

Alright, went to church for practise at 8 today.
And I had a suprise from FF and Kheng Seong.
They actually still celebrate my brithday with me.
They sang a song - i am only me when i am with you
by Taylor swift. So gam dong!

Thanks bao for the cupcakes.
Thanks Kheng Seong for the card.
Thanks Leongs for the present.

Really happy that all of you celebrated my birthday with me.
Especially to bel, thank you for the video! :D